What determines a special education need?

Children with disabilities are “identified” by category of disability through an evaluation. Categories of disability include:


  • Developmentally delayed
  • Seriously behaviorally disabled
  • Communication disordered
  • Orthopedically impaired
  • Health impaired
  • Specific learning disability
  • Mental retardation
  • Multiple disabilities
  • Deafness Hearing impairment
  • Visually impaired/blindness
  • Deaf/blindness
  • Autism
  • Traumatic brain injury

If your child is demonstrating the characteristics of any of these disabilities, the school district to which he or she belongs must fashion an education program to meet the special needs of your child.

Your Child Deserves the Best

We are talking about one of the most important people in your life — your child.  Worrying about your child’s future can bring about an entire spectrum of emotions: fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, or even guilt.


At our practice, we believe problems exist to be solved, not to be feared, and we are dedicated to helping solve your child’s educational needs.


Under existing law, school districts must provide all students a Free Appropriate Public Education (commonly referred to as ““FAPE””), including children with “disabilities”. If you have any concerns that your child is in need of special education assistance, you have the right to request a meeting with your child’s teachers, principal, and related school personnel in order to determine what is the best course of instruction for your child.


Ideally, you and the school district will develop an Individual Education Program (IEP) that will address in an ongoing fashion the special needs of your child. Yet, there is often conflict in this process, affording you the right to a special hearing called a Due Process Hearing. A Due Process Hearing allows you to challenge the particular education program the school recommends if you do not believe the educational program is appropriate for your child.

You've Come to the Right Place

Does this sound like you?


  • You have concerns that your child is in need of special education assistance.
  • You are overwhelmed by your child’s special educational needs and the failure of the school authorities to adequately address those needs.
  • You do not believe the educational program provided for your child is appropriate for their needs.

You and your child have very distinct and important rights relative to his or her education. We’ll fight to ensure your child receives his or her education in as “normal” an atmosphere and setting as possible.


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