Divorce & Custody


Divorce is never easy—and if there are children involved, it can be especially traumatic. If you and your spouse have come to the conclusion that ending your marriage is the only viable option, we are here to help protect your rights. Our veteran divorce attorney will meet with you to formulate a plan tailored to your specific needs. We can even refer you to therapists, financial advisors, tax planners to help ease the transition.


We are dedicated to doing everything possible to help you reach an amicable, favorable agreement, but if litigation is necessary, we are prepared to competently represent your best interests in court.

Child Support

We will do everything possible to reach a fair agreement that ensures the well-being of all children involved. If you have a child with special needs, you need to be aware of special requirements and responsibilities. Typically, the parent who is not awarded primary custody is responsible for providing the custodial parent with financial support, based upon the number of children, division of custody and annual income of the parents.


When a court orders child support, the ordered amount is not set in stone and modifications can be made at a later date. We can help you obtain a fair court order and ensure prompt receipt of ordered payments.

Spousal Support

Spousal support describes money paid by one spouse to another during and after a divorce. The amount of spousal support decreed by the courts is determined by:

  • The income and occupation of each spouse
  • Any investments, pensions, or ancillary incomes
  • The length of the marriage
  • The prior standard of living to which each spouse was accustomed
  • Any history of abuse in the marriage

Child Custody

We will do everything possible to ensure that your child is placed in the most beneficial environment and that a fair visitation arrangement is reached. We’re committed to offering a full understanding of your parental rights before, during, and after your divorce.

Paternity Law

While many states support “common law marriages,” California is not one of them. In the event that an unmarried woman gives birth to a child, it may be necessary to institute legal proceedings to confirm the child’s paternity. Both parents have the legal right to request a DNA test to ascertain the identity of a child’s father. Once the paternity is confirmed, the biological father is legally entitled to some level of relationship with his child, either through full custody, partial custody, or court-mandated visitation. The court will also decree the awarding of child support payments based on which parent has primary custody.

Father's Rights

We help Dads faced with a divorce, custody, support, paternity matter, or child support enforcement problems. Fathers have the right to seek and have custody of their child. If custody is not awarded, a father has a right to be involved in their child’s life, without undue interference from the custodial parent. Under the law, dads have equal rights. We assist you in making sure the courts know that.


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