Three Self-Disciplined Heroes


Has anyone, famous or not, inspired you to become better?


For me, there are three people who I believe had a great deal of self-discipline, and who have inspired me with their integrity, tenacity, and the strength to go on.



The President Who Changed the Course of American History

The first person is Abraham Lincoln. This was an individual who began life at the absolute bottom rung but who had an unshakeable faith in himself and in his intelligence (forget all the nonsense about Lincoln’s humility).


Lincoln had about 9 months formal education but on his own taught himself mathematics, Shakespeare, the Bible and the Law! And all this education was acquired while working a full time job. This took a tremendous amount of discipline.


This discipline enabled Mr. Lincoln to become the type of person he needed to be to lead our country through the Great Rebellion and the Civil War.



The One Who Refused to Give Up

The second person is FDR. This was a man born to great privilege, yet in his very prime was stricken with polio. His public life seemed over; and to a lesser man it would have been over.


However, FDR refused to give in to self-pity or to a life of indolence and ease, which his wealth would have allowed.


Instead, he addressed his disease four square and worked every day of the remainder of his life to maximize his physical capacity. This took a great deal of emotional and physical strength.


The result?


FDR went on to become president of this country at a time of great economic crisis. And after leading the country through the great depression, he went on to become the war leader during our Second World War. All this happened because of FDR’s great discipline.


And Last But Not Least

The third person I would like to mention is my father, John Schuster Sr.


My father, who is 85 years mature, went through the Great Depression and then into the military where he served for “the duration”. My father only managed to get through the 7th grade!


However, he did not let that stop him. While a young married man, he decided to go to night school in order to better himself and his young family.


My father worked a full time job and then went to night school. There was no whining or self pity, no “Why Me”: he truly was a child of the depression.


He did not think life “owed” him anything. This took tremendous discipline; and the end result was my father (and mother) raised six children, all of whom have become functioning, successful and contributing members of society.


This was a direct result of the discipline my father had in his life. And through his example, he taught us such tenacity to have in our life.



I have learned from these examples to serve my community and families in need of guidance during times of stress.


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