Client Reviews

Roxiny P.
Dennis M. Schuster was very supportive, comprehensive and attentive. I felt secure and confident with Dennis by my side. I have been fighting with my ex-husband for 3 years through another attorney. However, once I hired Dennis, he resolved my issues quickly and I am very grateful and thankful to him and his office staff.
Victor M.
Yo estoy muy contento con Dennis Schuster como mi abogado. El es muy profesional y contesto todas mis preguntas. El me ayudo con todas las dudas que yo pude haber tenido. Yo Le recomendaria a Dennis a cualquier persona porque se que es un buen abogado.
Miguel & Gabriela D.
Dennis is a great attorney. He leaves you feeling stress-free with no worries. He is able to handle anything that comes his way with confidence.
Dennis M. Schuster is dedicated and committed to his clients and his persuasive manner in the courtroom, backed by cogent evidence and his knowledge of the law is remarkable. I'm deeply grateful for all his support.
Michael L.
Dennis M. Schuster and his staff exceeded all of my expectations and did a great job handling my divorce and child custody issues. I have and will continue to recommend his services.
Vicki C.
Dennis is very knowledgeable and was very up front regarding matters pertaining to our case. He is well versed and confident in the courtroom, which made us feel confident. The results in our case exceeded my expectations! The entire staff shared in the ups and downs and made us feel like we mattered.


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